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CULTURE OF YOUR BUSINESS: 3 critical areas of focus for 2023

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G'day Reader,

How're things?

In the almost-six-years years since Culture Is Everything: the story and system of a start-up that became Australia's Best Place to Work book was released, I've significantly evolved my approach to building a thriving service-based business.

It's now clear that a robust approach to creating a sustainable business culture has intentional design around three areas:

  1. TEAM CULTURE - you need a strong, nimble and connected team culture; and
  2. LEADERSHIP CULTURE - you need a clear, brave, self-aware and forever-learning leadership culture; and
  3. MONEY CULTURE - to thrive sustainably, you will need an open, informed, and often-discussed money culture that empowers team members to act like owners.

πŸ‘‰ QUESTION: Which part of your culture is your focus for 2023?

​Have a great day,

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PPS - If you have new team members joining your team soon, I recommend you read the book Onboarded by Brad Giles.
(Our leadership team at The Physio Co has read Brad's book, applied the learnings and fine-tuned our onboarding for 2023 πŸ‘)

Culture Is Everything

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