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[CULTURE QUESTION] - How to get people engaged when you're NOT in the building.

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Do you sometimes feel like you have to be EVERYWHERE in your business to stimulate and support your CULTURE?

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'(I) would love to know how to get people engaged when you are not in the building (I have over 20 locations)?'

Last week, on my Culture Is Everything YouTube channel, service-based entrepreneur Paul Elmslie asked the question (above) about culture when the owner is NOT in the building. (It's a great question, thanks Paul πŸ™)


The edited answer to Paul's question is:

'Two of the MOST IMPORTANT things that underpin an engaged culture across lots of locations are:

  1. Rhythm of Communication, and
  2. Accountability.'

1) Rhythm of Communication - for connection and culture-building, it's critical to have every team member in:

  • Short, daily 1:many meetings with their team; and
  • Weekly or fortnightly 1:1 meetings with their team leader; and
  • Monthly 1:many meetings with the entire company - including the CEO.

(NB - all those meetings might seem like a LOT. But, when you discover the number of individual conversations this meeting rhythm helps you and your managers to AVOID, you'll discover how valuable the rhythm can be for your business' productivity).

2) Accountability - In each location, is it 100% CLEAR who is the team leader / store manager / practice manager?

If so, AND that accountable person is willing to OWN the responsibility of sticking to the rhythm of communication; coaching-in-the-moment to praise good behavior often; AND, quickly addressing behavior that DOESN'T align with your culture in an effective and empowering way, you will have the foundations in place.

If that leadership is NOT clear, OR, that leader is NOT willing to be accountable for leading the culture in that location, then solving that challenge NEEDS to be your next area of focus.

That's it for this CULTURE QUESTION and CULTURE SOLUTION email.

Was it helpful for you?

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