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[LEADERSHIP CULTURE] - When and how to be an assertive communicator.

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G'day Reader,

How're things?

Being a better communicator needs to be a priority for all of us service-based business owners.

Here's why...

'Communication is the MASTER SKILL of leadership.'

πŸ€” In 2018, when my leadership growth had plateaued, I discovered that I couldn't even bring myself to say the word assertive; let alone communicate in an intentionally assertive way.

At that point, I was an overly-empathetic service-based business owner and was confusing the word assertive with the word aggressive.

I wrongly believed that assertive communication and aggressive communication were the same thing. Because of that, I avoided using both! πŸ€ͺ

❓Are you an overly-empathetic communicator, too?

❌ That fear-based view of communication created all sorts of problems, because, there are typically only three communication approaches:


Assertive communication involves expressing needs, wants, feelings, expectations and beliefs in direct, honest and appropriate ways.

That is, assertive communication is standing up for your beliefs in a way that doesn’t upset or antagonise.


Aggressive communication involves standing up for your own beliefs but doing it in a way that upsets and/or antagonises.


Passive communication involves either avoiding or not sharing your needs, wants, feelings, expectations and beliefs - or - sharing those things in apologetic, minimised or self-effacing ways

Because I was avoiding using assertive AND aggressive communication, all that was left was non-assertive (passive) communication. And it wasn't working well :(

πŸ”Ž My level of skill as a communicator at the time was negatively affecting the performance of my business - along with my happiness at work, and at home.

I took action and learned a new set of entrepreneurial leadership skills that included how to be assertive and hold others to account.

βœ… The result: I'm a clearer, more assertive and more effective leader.
(And I wish I'd taken action to be a better leader, sooner!)


πŸ€” Is it time you take specific action on becoming a better leader?

πŸ’‘ If so, this Mastering the Leadership Essentials workshop is for you.

​At this in-person workshop, you will learn:

  • When and how to use assertive communication;
  • How to lead your team in a highly supported AND highly accountable way;
  • How to build competence, confidence and independence in your team members;
  • How to give better feedback; and
  • The connection secrets that create loyalty AND high performance;


DATE: Thursday 7th September
​TIME: 1.45pm -3.15pm
​LOCATION: Central House, South Melbourne
​COST: $47



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PS - There's a discounted workshop price for alumni of my Culture Is Everything Kickstarter program. Hit reply to ask for the code πŸ‘β€‹
PPS - Got a question to ask about the event? Please ask right now :)

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